понеделник, 2 септември 2013 г.

Favorite Places- LOS ANGELES,CA,USA

Hi! Today I wanna show you one of my fav places in the world-L.A. I've  never been there before but I really want to visit it. Тhe weather is so hot there( I love hot weather), the palms, Sunset boulevard, Rodeo drive...everything is so glamorous...so Hollywood.The magic is in the air.
According some magazines when you're in L.A you should visit:
1.Venice beach
3.Grauman's chinese theatre
4.The Getty Center
5.Shopping on Rodeo Drive
6.Los Angeles Country Museum of Art (LACMA)
7.Griffith observatory
8.The Grove

*I do not own any rights on these pictures.I find it on tumblr and weheartit.If I use some of your pictures let me know here and I will credit you or if  you want to remove I will do it. 

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